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Hidden Hearing Newcastle Upon Tyne

53 Westgate Rd
Newcastle Upon Tyne Northumberland NE1 1SG
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Hidden Hearing Newcastle Upon Tyne

One in ten people suffer from some form of hearing impairment, and if left untreated it can cause problems both at work and at home. The good news is that in many cases, hearing loss can be dealt with quickly and effectively, sometimes by the removal of excess wax from ear canals, and at other times by the fitting of a hearing aid. If you’re suffering from difficulties with your hearing, why not make an appointment with our advisors at Hidden Hearing Newcastle and find out what we can do for you?

We’ll take you through a comprehensive hearing assessment to learn your requirements, and then based on that make recommendations on what type of hearing aid, if needed, would be best for your circumstances. You may find that one of the devices we stock is right for you, in which case you’ll also receive a Lifetime aftercare programme to keep it in perfect working order at all times.

Meet Garrie Keam, the Newcastle branch Hearing Aid Dispenser, who will assist you with any questions and queries you might have. Garrie has won the British Healthcare Trades Association Award for the Employee of the Year.

Don’t let hearing loss get in the way of enjoying life. If you live in the Newcastle area and you have any concerns, book an appointment today on 0800 019 2016.

How to find us

We are a 2-minute walk from the Central station and the local metro. The centre is located at the junction of Grainger Street and Westgate Road. Or you can find us opposite St John’s Church.

There is paid parking on the street outside the branch.