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Hidden Hearing Wistaston

Cheshire Consulting Centre
499 Crewe Road
Wistaston Cheshire CW2 6QP
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Hidden Hearing Wistaston

Our friendly team at our mini Hearing Centre in Wistaston are ready to welcome you and help you with you hearing healthcare requirements.

Whether you have a question about how a hearing aid works or about your hearing health. Whether you have concerns about whether you are experiencing a loss of hearing or Tinnitus. Or whether you're simply curious about the hearing aid technology that is available to you, your local Hearing Aid Audiologist based in Wistaston is ready to help you.

At Hidden Hearing, we've been hearing specialists for nearly 50 years. That means you're in trusted hands with our Hearing aid Audiologists.

Why not book a hearing test with the Wistaston team and see if you could benefit from their expert care? Book your free hearing test or call us today!