Hearing Aids

A new way to style hearing aids

We’ve teamed up with international fashion designer, Jenni Ahtiainen, founder of Deafmetal®, to launch a hearing-aid-friendly jewellery collection in support of LoveYourEars.

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Encouraging people to feel good about their hearing aids is only part of the LoveYourEars mission, as designer Jenni explains:

"When Hidden Hearing approached me to collaborate on tackling stigma around hearing loss, I was excited by their vision. We don't shy away from getting our eyes tested and wearing glasses if we can't see, but that's still not the case with hearing.

"Addressing a hearing problem has been proven to improve quality of life and reduce the risk of other health issues. LoveYourEars is about making hearing loss more visible and raising awareness of this important public health message."

Hearing Aids

A Limited Edition Collection

When our eyesight changes, we can choose a designer pair of glasses. And similarly, the six-piece LoveYourEars jewellery collection gives those with hearing loss a new way to express themselves.

Our LoveYourEars Collection has been created to normalise and celebrate the wearing of hearing aids in everyday life by helping you match them to your style.

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Hearing Aids

LoveYourEars Collection comes in 6 styles

DeafMetal Amethyst
Amethyst Pendant Earring
Silver, with a 7cm safety chain
DeafMetal Pearl-Screw
Hearing Pearl Drop
‘Screw-Back’ Earring – Silver, with a 7cm safety chain
DeafMetal Pearl-Stud
Hearing Pearl Drop
‘Stud’ Earring – Silver, with a 7cm safety chain
DeafMetal Cats Eye
Cats-Eye Pendant Ear ring
Gold-plated, with a 7cm safety chain.
DeafMetal FigaroSilver
Hearing Figaro 'S' Earring
Silver, with a 5.5cm safety chain
DeafMetal FigaroGold
Hearing Figaro 'G' Earring
Gold-plated, with a 5.5cm safety chain

Each piece uses an innovative, hypoallergenic, silicone holster that is stretched around your behind-the-ear hearing aid. The clever design not only looks good, but it also helps to secure your hearing device in place too. Each piece is sold as a pair, with clear holsters included.

Prices start from £55.

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Hearing Aids
"People think that hearing aids are these ugly things of old. That's just not true any more. They're easy to wear and most importantly they've changed my life."
- Lisa Beckwith

Hearing Aids
"I'm more confident, and now that my hearing's back, it feels great to be 'me' again!"
- Tracy White
Hearing Aids
"I can't say more than just how confident hearing aids have made me and how happy I am. They just change your life."
- Lindy Pieri

How to use the Deafmetal holster

Hearing Aids

Check that your hearing aid and Holster are clean. If the silicone surface of the Holster seems greasy, wash it with soap and water. Then dry it well with a towel.

Hearing Aids

Adjust the Holster carefully around your hearing aid. Don't tear the silicone with your nails or hearing aid buttons and don't overstretch the Holster; it can break easily. Take care not to cover the microphones of your aids.

Hearing Aids

Attach the lock on the safety chain to the Holster and position your hearing aid in your ear. Attach the jewellery chain from the Holster to your ear piercing. That's it, let's Deafmetal!

We're Hidden Hearing, and for over 50 years, we've been providing life-changing solutions to people with hearing loss. By partnering with Deafmetal, we're showing the world that hearing aids aren't something we should shy away from.

These tiny pieces of technology can have a profound effect on your quality of life and how you engage with the world. Find out more about the latest hearing technology, just click the button below.

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The LoveYourEars Collection is on display at select Hidden Hearing Centres and available to purchase directly from the Deafmetal store. Prices will be charged in euros and subject to the terms & conditions as promoted at www.deafmetal.store.