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Hidden Hearing Berkhamstead

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic
Coleshill House 69 High Street
Berkhamstead Hertfordshire HP4 2DE
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Hidden Hearing Berkhamstead

Did you know we recommend everyone over the age of 55 takes a hearing test every year as part of a full health check up? At Hidden Hearing, our team in Berkhamsted are happy to provide FREE, no obligation hearing tests.

A hearing test with Hidden Hearing lasts approximately one hour. The Hearing Aid Audiologist will measure whether you have any degree of hearing loss and will take a look at the health of your ear. Afterwards, they'll share the results and go through them with you.

If they believe in necessary, the Hearing Aid Audiologist will recommend you hearing aids that they think will benefit you. If you at the end of the test, you aren't experiencing a loss of hearing or the Audiologist believes you wouldn't benefit from using hearing aids, they won't provide you with a hearing aid. That's our commitment to you.

So why delay booking a hearing test and benefiting from our great service? Book your free hearing test today or call us now!