Hearing Awareness Month - September 2013 | Hidden Hearing

Hearing Awareness Month - September 2013

Hearing Awareness Month is back! Supported by GP & TV Doctor, Dr Hilary Jones, Hidden Hearing will participate in this year’s campaign by highlighting our latest research into people’s most loved and hated sounds; making the all important connection on just how important our hearing is to enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Results will be shared through a series of radio interviews, news articles as well as online in our latest infographic.

Hidden Hearing will also take part in the Hearing Awareness Month Roadshow. With more than sixty events planned across the country during September, the objective is to raise awareness and encourage as many people as possible to take action and get their hearing checked. Free screening and information packs will be offered at each road show event. And for those with a hearing loss, a thorough hearing test (also free) will be made available at Hidden Hearing’s network of 84 branches.

To participate in this national campaign:

  • View and share with others the Sweetest Sounds of the United Kingdom infographic
  • Attend a Hearing Awareness Month Roadshow event
  • Book a free hearing test at one of Hidden Hearing’s branches

All who book a free hearing test will be entered into prize draw to win one of five Kindle electronic book readers! So don’t be one of the 4 million people in the United Kingdom with undiagnosed hearing loss. Get your hearing checked today!