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Invisible Hearing Aids

Keep your hearing loss a secret!

With no noticeable change of your appearance. Our Invisible hearing aids fit completely inside the ear canal, people will never know you are using a hearing aid.

Our Invisible Hearing Aid has taken the world by storm!


  • Leaves no visible trace of wearing a hearing aid

  • Collects sound in a more natural way

  • Works great with phones

  • Can be custom designed for you

  • Suitable for the young or elderly

  • Winner of the Good Design Award 2012

How do they fit?

The outside shell of the invisible hearing aid is tailor-made to match the contours of the inside of your ear, so that you can wear it for as long as you like without it becoming uncomfortable.

Can I take them out?

Insertion and removal is easy and changing the batteries is even simpler.

Tech talk:

Many people would like to benefit from the natural sound delivered by today’s sophisticated digital hearing aids, but understandably they just don’t want the rest of the world to know they are using one.

The answer is now here with the ‘Invisible In the Canal’ (IIC for short) hearing aid. This has been developed by fitting the latest amplifier technology into a hearing aid smaller than your finger nail. When the hearing aid is worn, you can see why we truly call it invisible.

Our range of options:

With over 80 branches across the country and helping the community with expert hearing advice for nearly 50 years, we are here to help

Many manufacturers of hearing aids have developed upon these revolutionary products and they are available with a range of differing technologies inside. One of the few drawbacks to these revolutionary devices however, is that their small size means that it is difficult to fit in the latest wireless technologies.

Your Hearing Aid Dispenser can advise on whether the invisible hearing aid is suitable for you. The great news is that many thousands have already been successfully fitted worldwide. If your Hearing Aid Dispenser recommends a different hearing aid, then this will be because of the anatomy of your ear or degree of hearing loss you may be experiencing. They may feel you would benefit from the advantages different hearing aids have to offer.

 Starkey Soundlens

Within the last few years, Starkey have produced some excellent hearing aid technology and are now one of the top manufacturers in the world. Starkey work towards reconnecting those with a hearing loss to their lives and loved ones through the use of hearing aids. Their products features includes water resistance in some models and market-leading feedback suppression technology – meaning you hear the sounds you need to hear clearly! Use a smartphone? Starkey have developed technology that will allow you to control your hearing aid using your smartphone!

Soundlens is Starkey’s invisible hearing aid which can fit deeply inside your ear canal which features the latest in hearing technology whist being the size of your fingernail.


Oticon’s history spans over 100 years and are one of the market leaders in hearing aid technology. The technology that Oticon provide is some of the most advanced available worldwide today.

Oticon’s latest ventures include the development of Brain Hearing, a new concept that looks at looking after your brain as well as your ears when it comes to your hearing health. The Brain Hearing technology in Oticon hearing aids has many benefits, including helping cognitive function and fatigue.

Within the Oticon range, they are a number of styles and colours, to give the wearer the personal touch they may be needing.


Real Testimonial:
Karen Evennett - Age 51, Journalist


"I used to have to ask people to stand on my right and speak-up which isn’t always practical especially in busy work environments – so I’d nod and smile however inappropriate it may have been."

"The subtle difference I've experienced with my hearing is that everything's sharper now.  It's similar to wearing reading glasses for the first time where everything comes into focus


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