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Bernafon Acriva 7

For product not classified as premium, the Bernafon Acriva 7 is exceptional and comes with some very high end features. Part of a product range that addresses many of the difficulties hearing aid users this provides an excellent value for money introduction to better hearing.

Addressing individual needs

Many individuals have high frequency loss and a particular feature of this aid is that it brings high pitched sounds within the audible range of the user. This allows children’s voices, birdsong and electronic beeps from a microwave for instance to become audible again. This starts to address some of the real problem areas that occur in day to day life when suffering from an untreated hearing loss.


Other benefits that can be derived from the features of the Acriva 7 is that it delivers better speech recognition, listening comfort and the ability to personalise settings to individual needs. It delivers this through a processing strategy known as Audio Efficiency. A difficult concept to take on board, but think of it as the conductor that controls all the features working within Acriva 7 to achieve the result that is right for each individual user.   Just as a musician will transpose a song to a lower key to suit the vocal range of another singer, so Frequency Composition in Acriva 7 brings sounds within the hearing range of the hearing impaired user. This allows them to receive the speech cues vital for listening comfort and speech recognition.

Noise and environments

Noise and changing environments have for many years been the bane of a hearing aid user’s life. Using the Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus in the Acriva 7 it adapts itself depending on the speech to noise ratio in any given situation. The speech signal will always be low in noisy environments compared to the noise being generated, so the system works fast to follow the rapid changes in signal. When speech begins to dominate the noise, the amount of noise attenuation is decreased allowing the speech signal to remain clear.

The Acriva 7 is constantly working, and at a very high speed to monitor the sound environment and is making minute and precise changes, delivering the best listening comfort in any given situation. The programming strategy in the Acriva 7 allows the hearing aid dispenser to input the listening needs of the individual into the hearing aid. This allows the dispenser to customise the settings to each individual lifestyle and preference

Additional benefits

The world is now a connected world and the Acriva 7 has Bluetooth connectivity (via the SoundGate device) which enables mobile phone calls to be directed to the hearing aids (corrected to your hearing loss), or a Television using the TV adapter , TV sound is routed direct to the hearing aids allowing the user to adjust volume independently. The connectivity available can also be expanded to landline telephone although it has to be via a special adapter.

The Acriva 7 has an Advanced Data learning system which keeps a record to be stored of the users preferred volume settings within certain environments.   Acriva7 automatically replicates the preferred settings when experiencing similar sound scenarios which reduce the need for further manual adjustment.

Most styles of Acriva 7 have 360 Degree Sound Localisation which is effectively where left and right hearing aids communicate and they interpret the sound to give the user an acoustic picture of the sound around them. The true benefit of this is that the sounds reach the brain in what it perceives a more natural way and makes it easier for it to decide what it wishes to listen to and what it would like to reject.

In summary, Acriva 7 gives exceptional value for a product not perceived as being premium.


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