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Online Hearing Test

Take the Speech-In-Noise Online Hearing Test

Could you benefit from wearing hearing aids? Even though you believe your hearing is perfectly fine the smallest of improvements can make a significant difference to your quality of life.

This short online hearing test takes hardly any time at all to complete. It tests how clearly you can hear speech in different levels of background noise; wearing headphones, adjust the sound level to that of a normal conversation and then click on each number as it is announced.

The intensity of the background noise will vary from round to round, and you may find it harder to identify the correct number. If you can't hear the number clearly enough, click on the question mark symbol instead. Once the hearing test is completed you can view your results and read the advice provided.

If the Speech in Noise test shows that you would benefit from taking a full hearing test, you can book a free, no obligation hearing test with Hidden Hearing.  With over 80 full time hearing centres and a further 50 satellite centres we operate clinics from, you can be confident that your local hearing centre is near.  

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