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How Often Should I Get My Hearing Tested?

Like you get your eyes tested annually, and you visit your dentist 6 or 12 monthly, you should get your hearing tested regularly with a recommendation of at least once a year.

Unlike if you have a problem with your eyes or a sore tooth, a problem with your hearing can often go undetected.  Hearing loss is a gradual process and we often find ways around the issue, by simply turning the volume of the television up, or by looking at people’s lips when they speak.

It is important to bear in mind that at a hearing check-up we will not only check your hearing ability, but also the health of your ears.  A build up of wax for instance may affect the volume of sounds you are hearing around you.

To book your free annual hearing check, simply fill in the short form on the right of this page and your local hearing centre will call you back shortly to arrange a time and date convenient for you.

There are certain occasions however when a hearing test should be taken sooner rather later. These include instances such as sudden hearing loss and any changes in medication you may be taken.   You can find out more here.

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