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Book a Hearing Test at Your Local Branch

Booking a test with Hidden hearing is simple. Our hearing tests are free and offer a no obligation consultation. What’s more, with 84 Hidden Hearing branches nationwide, you can be sure that there will be a branch near to you for your convenience.

Hidden Hearing has branches located in most major UK cities, including London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Nottingham and Cardiff. Branches also exist in in many towns, with most counties covered.

Each of our branches conducts hundreds of hearing tests every year for local residents and fits many customers with hearing aids and hearing aid products. Impeccable customer service gives us the edge as a high street hearing specialist, with customers returning to us again and again.

A Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser at each branch will be on hand to provide you with an expert consultation after your hearing test and can provide you with free hearing aid aftercare and advice should you purchase a hearing aid product from Hidden Hearing.

To book your free hearing test at your local branch, simply fill in the short form on this page to locate our nearest Hidden Hearing branch to you. Your local hearing centre will call you back shortly to arrange a time and date convenient for you.

For elderly customers or those with mobility difficulties, we recommend you bring someone with you for your hearing test appointment. Alternatively, we can arrange a domiciliary visit by a Hearing Specialist from your local branch.

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How often should I get my hearing tested?


Like you do your eyes and teeth, we recommend you get your hearing tested annually.  There are also certain instances when you should get your hearing tested immediately, such as if you experience sudden hearing loss.  

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