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Choosing a hearing aid can be a daunting process. With over 1,000 digital hearing aids on the market, it's worth furnishing yourself with as much information as possible on the model that best suits your condition, budget and lifestyle.

  • Hearing loss in a digital age: Subtitle it!

    The digital and technological advances in society mean that nearly everything is getting bigger and better than ever before. With new, impressive televisions and the top end technology featured in smartphones, the digital landscape of the modern world has changed forever. However, no matter how quickly our technology changes, some services are still playing catch up on these great advances.

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    Why a hidden hearing aid is the best investment you’ll ever make

    At Hidden Hearing, we care about your health, whether that be general health or your hearing health. As the leading hearing aid specialist in the UK, we want to provide you with all the information you need to make important decisions surrounding your hearing health. A hearing aid is an investment into the future of your health and wellbeing.

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  • What are the causes of sudden hearing loss?

    If you have suffered from sudden hearing loss, it is important to be checked out as soon as possible. We want to give you the best information possible about sudden hearing loss so you can know the symptoms, causes and the treatments available to you.

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  • The social implications of hearing loss

    April 20th - 26th 2015 is Depression Awareness Week, an important time to raise awareness for those who suffer from depression. We want to look at how hearing loss can have an impact on depression and the other social implications that can arise from having untreated hearing loss. Hearing Loss can have a lasting effect, not only on your hearing health, but also on your mental health.

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  • 5 questions to ask a hearing professional

    You’ve book an appointment with us and you’re ready to have your hearing tested. It’s important to feel comfortable and prepared for your hearing test, so here are some questions you might want to ask your Hearing Aid Dispenser to make sure you get the most you can out of your appointment.

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  • The importance of an early diagnosis of Hearing Loss

    On average, it takes someone 10 years to address their hearing loss and seek help. It is important to have your hearing tested as soon as you feel there might be some deterioration of sharpness in sound.

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    Visit our Hearing Care events in Scotland!

    You’ll find us at the Caledonian Hotel, Edinburgh on Thursday 16th April and Grand Central Hotel Glasgow on Friday 17th April.

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  • World Autism Day: The Autism Spectrum and Hearing Loss

    Some children with Autism Spectrum Disorders have difficulties with sensory processing, which can sometimes relate to a hearing impairment. It is important to know the signs of autism and, equally, hearing loss so that help can be provided for the child.

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