Deaf Awareness Week

Deaf Awareness Week

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Deaf Awareness Week is an annual event aiming to raise awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding hearing loss and deafness. Supported by over 100 deaf charities, Deaf Awareness Week is promoted across the UK with a number of events, all with the aim of educating and informing.

Hidden Hearing supports Deaf Awareness Week by offering free Hearing Health Checks at each of its hearing centre's in addition to a full Hearing Care Event schedule where we will come to a town or village near you!

A hearing health check with us is simple, we will answer any questions you may have, check the health of your ears, conduct a thorough hearing assessment and advise all the options available to you for your ongoing hearing health.

If you feel hearing loss may be affecting yourself or someone close to you, read our helpful guides on hearing loss explaining the options available or come in and join us for a chat.

Deaf Awareness Week 2013 and 2014 

Deaf Awareness Week 2013 took place on Monday 6th to Sunday 12th May 2013 and will be taking place on Monday 19th to Sunday 25th May 2014.

If you have some questions surrounding your hearing health, don't wait until Deaf Awareness Week 2013 to do something about it, simply book an appointment for an informal chat with one of our Hearing Aid Dispensers. With over 75 centres across the UK you can be sure there is a centre near you. Alternatively, you can request more information about the whole process.

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