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Why not to buy hearing aids online

Quick question…


Would you buy a car or even a house online without seeing them first? Would you buy a pair of glasses online without trying them to make sure they were right for you?


We advise not buying hearing aids online. Everyone’s hearing is different – and so each hearing aid must be too.


Do you know the different types of hearing aids?

Gone are the days when people had to choose from a few mandatory devices.

From Behind-The-Ear to invisible hearing aids, there is now a wide selection of quality aids that could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

What types are available and where can I get them?

There are a number of hearing aids available which are produced by various manufacturers worldwide. But do you know your IIC from your CIC?



BTE Behind-The-Ear (“BTE”)

A BTE hearing aid is one you may have heard of or seen before. However, the latest technology means that these devices are now smaller and more powerful than ever before.

The BTE aid has its main electrical circuits placed within the shell that sits behind the ear. The sound that is picked up by the microphone on the hearing aid is amplified and sent through a tube into the ear mould. The ear mould is the part which sits inside your ear.

Modern BTEs are very discreet and often can’t be seen behind the ear and have come a long way in both size and technology.

This is an ideal hearing aid for people with any type of hearing loss. These hearing aids are available on the NHS and within private healthcare.



Receiver in the ear hearing aids Receiver-in-the-Canal (“RIC”) and Receiver-in-the-Ear (“RITE”)

Another two hearing aids that have benefited from the modern technology on offer.

These are considerably smaller versions of the BTE, and the most natural fitting hearing aids that you can benefit from. The difference between the two is the placement of the receiver within the ear.

A RIC receiver rests within the canal while the RITE’s receiver is placed within the main body of the hearing aid.

These types of hearing aids now have a wide range and can be ideal for those with Mild to Severe hearing loss.



ITE hearing aids In-The-Ear (“ITE”)

This is a hearing aid that has its electrical components based in a case that is placed inside the ear. These are custom made devices that fit your ear perfectly as well as being a comfortable fit.

An ITE shell sits in the outer most part of the ear, rather than behind the ear. These aids are able to deal with the mildest of hearing losses through to some severe problems



CIC Hearing Aids Completely-In-Canal (“CIC”)

Another smaller version of the ITE, the Completely-In-Canal. This is a virtually invisible hearing aid and is suitable for all those with hearing loss that is between mild and moderately severe.




IIC Hearing Aids Invisible-In-Canal (“IIC”)

The latest development in the hearing aid industry. These hearing aids are designed to fit comfortably within the ear canal and are invisible (depending on the anatomy of your ear).

The IICs are the size of a fingernail and offers discretion whilst also maintaining a high quality performance that is perfect if you’d rather keep your hearing loss between you and your hearing aid.



Spectacle Hearing Aids

These come in two types. Spectacle Hearing Aids

One uses Bone conduction technology, which helps those who may not be suitable candidates for conventional hearing aids.

In these, the electronics are placed within the arms of the glasses and work by vibrating in the bone behind the ear to transmit the sound to the cochlear.

The other type of spectacle hearing aid uses air conduction aids are the more conventional and are generally “clipped” to the arms of glasses.

These are the ideal choice for anyone who wears glasses but is in need of a Behind-The-Ear style hearing aid.


What can I do?

With a number of hearing aid companies in the UK providing devices from many different manufacturers, who do you choose to help with your hearing care?


First step - Know who you are buying from!

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At Hidden Hearing, we make a commitment to you to provide the best hearing care possible. We will recommend the best solutions for you, should you need it. If you don’t need a hearing aid, we won’t sell one to you.

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