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If you suffer from existing ear problems or your hearing is getting worse, a hearing aid could be the answer. Hearing aids are a popular and effective solution for hearing loss and due to recent technological developments, there are now a wide range of devices to choose from.

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing aids are small electronic devices that work by amplifying certain sounds so the wearer can hear more clearly and hear noises louder. They are worn either behind the ear or inside, and usually have three parts: a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker (as well as a battery). Sounds are picked up by the microphone(s), converted to electrical waves and are then passed through to the amplifier which boosts them. They will then be released into the ear via the speaker. 

How much do hearing aids cost?

The cost of hearing aids differ to meet different customer’s needs. At Hidden Hearing, we offer a wide range of devices that aim to suit your lifestyle and budget. From traditional styles to more innovative designs that incorporate the latest tech, with in the ear and over the ear styles, Hidden Hearing aim to fulfil everyone’s needs.

There are a number of hearing aids available which are produced by various manufacturers worldwide. These include:


BTE Behind-The-Ear (“BTE”)

Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids are probably models you’ve seen before. With the latest technology, they are smaller and more powerful than ever before. The BTE hearing aids are more discreet than their predecessors. Coming in many different colours that easily blend in with your skin tone and hair colour, they often go unnoticed behind the ear and are an ideal option for all degrees of hearing loss. 



Receiver in the ear hearing aids Receiver-in-the-Canal (“RIC”) and Receiver-in-the-Ear (“RITE”)

RITE (Receiver-in-the-ear) and RIC (Receiver-in-the-Canal) are two types of hearing aids and are considerably smaller and are the most common type of aid. They benefit from being a natural fit and hosting powerful technology features. These types of hearing aids also come in a variety of colours and are suitable for most degrees of hearing loss.


ITE hearing aids In-The-Ear (“ITE”)

If you would like a custom made device with a comfortable fit, ITE hearing aids are the ideal option. Unlike the BTE, RIC and RITE aids, the ITE hearing devices have their technology within the shell inside the ear which makes them more discrete than hearing aids placed outside the ear. ITE hearing aids can be beneficial for even severe hearing loss but we recommend having a full hearing test and seeking the advice of an Audiologist before making your final choice.  



CIC Hearing Aids Completely-In-Canal (“CIC”)

The CIC is a small, very discreet hearing aid that go inside the ear canal, making it hard for others to spot. These hearing aids are also custom fit and are moulded to the shape of your ear canal for a comfortable fit.  


IIC Hearing Aids Invisible-In-Canal (“IIC”)

These hearing aids are designed to fit comfortably inside the ear and can be virtually invisible depending on the shape of your ear canal. IIC hearing aids can offer discretion whilst maintaining a high level of performance – perfect if you want to keep your hearing loss between you and your hearing aids.



Spectacle Hearing Aids

Spectacle Hearing Aids

Spectacle hearing aids have dual functionality as they help to improve your hearing while also correcting your vision. Offering comfort and style, the hearing aid sits on the frame of the glasses and is very discrete. A high performance option for those who require both glasses and hearing aids, you can choose from a wide selection of stylish frames or stick with your existing ones.


Hearing Aids UK

With a number of companies in the UK providing devices from many different manufacturers, it can be hard to choose the best hearing aid to help with your hearing care. There are a few key factors you should consider when deciding though:

Know who you are buying from and make sure they are:

Give you the support you need via phone, email or face-to-face

Provide high quality hearing aids

Offer the best technology available

Offer hearing aids that can be adjusted if your hearing changes

 Offer pay monthly plans


Try before you buy!

Book a free appointment at your local Hearing Centre

Speak with a qualified Hearing Aid Dispenser – not a salesperson

Meet our friendly team

Gain a full understanding of your hearing and what we can do to help you

If they are needed, try the recommended hearing aids for you

The Hearing Aid Dispenser will be on hand to help


At Hidden Hearing, we make a commitment to you to provide the best hearing care possible. We will recommend the best solutions for you, should you need it. If you don’t need a hearing aid, we won’t sell one to you.

See how hearing aids can amplify your life today – book your free appointment today with us today!

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