There’s so much many of us still want to achieve in life and our lifestyles and ambitions recognise this. 

No matter what age we are; we all want to make sure we are living our best life, whether that be learning a new language, singing on stage or skydiving we all want to make sure we’re living life to the full.

Staying mentally alert and physically healthy is so important to achieving these goals and good hearing plays an essential part for both of these. 


There is however still a stigma surrounding hearing loss – and people therefore avoid getting it tested.  We use excuses like: ‘I can hear well enough for most situations’ or ‘it’s embarrassing to wear a hearing aid’. Does this sound familiar? 

On average it takes up to 7 years for us to do anything about our hearing loss. When we do, 71% of new hearing aid users say they should’ve done something sooner. 

Life’s better when you can hear well.  Switch yours on today. 


'Look after your health and your hearing, live life to the full!'

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  • Tony Buckle, 64 from Kent




    Tony Buckle, 64, is a granddad from Kent who runs his own business and works full time.

    Tony had struggled with his hearing over the last few years. Family members kept bringing it up to him and suggesting he got it
    looked at but like a lot of us do, he decided to ignore it.

    Tony and his wife looked after their grandchildren aged 4 and 2 once and week, when the second grandchild started walking he
    finally admitted that he sometimes felt left out because he missed parts of conversations especially if they had taken them
    somewhere where there was a lot of background noise.

    Read his story full story here.

  • Lisa Cronin, 43 from Surrey.

    lisa-cronin-spotMeet Lisa Cronin, aged 43 and a maths teacher from Guildford, Surrey.  Lisa is married and has a 5-year-old daughter.

    Lisa suffered from Tinnitus, a loud ringing in her ears, when she was 29 and went to see her GP, who referred her to an
    ENT consultant. Test results confirmed that Lisa had a high frequency hearing loss possibly caused from meningitis as a child.
    She was advised that hearing aids probably wouldn’t help, and so she accepted that and managed as best she could.

    Lisa was fitted with hearing aids (Oticon Opn S) just in time for the new school year to start.

    Read Lisa's full story here.

  • Sandra Pierce from Wales 

    sandra-pierce-spotSandra Pierce, 57, from Colwyn Bay, Wales described herself as depressed, isolated, anxious and “almost having given up on life” before she found the right solution to her hearing loss and had new Oticon Opn hearing aids fitted.

    Now Sandra, a mum of three grown-up children who lives with her retired husband, Alex, has seen a meteoric rise in her career, including meeting Alan Sugar.  Recently She’s been promoted to the position of Senior Manager at Tropic Beauty, and puts this
    down to her newfound confidence, with her sights firmly set on achieving a Platimum Executive position.

    Read how hearing aids have improved Sandra’s quality of life here.

  • Emma Palmer from Ruislip

    emma-spotEmma Palmer, wife and mum-of-two from Ruislip lost her hearing at a young age.

    Social situations were the worst for her, as she couldn’t locate the sound, always putting herself in a physical position where she
    could hear and, without knowing it, had become a competent lip reader.

    When she had her first son, it became more of a struggle because she couldn’t hear him calling for her. Going out was hard too,
    her son’s enjoy going to the cinema but it was so loud with the background noise that she couldn’t hear what people were saying
    and used to hate being dragged along.

    Now her life is a different story, read how hearing aids have helped switch Emma’s family life on here.



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