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Question 1 - Social activities
Do you enjoy going out to restaurants or other social gatherings on a frequent basis?
Is physical activity or exercise part of your everyday life?
Do you take measures to care for your mental wellbeing? This can include spending time with friends, resting, hobbies, mindfulness, etc.
Do you listen to podcasts or audiobooks, and/or stream TV shows and movies?


Self-care is important to you.

Your results show that you value your health and aim to take good care of yourself. Research shows that hearing healthy may decrease your risk of depression and other health issues, allowing you to remain active and healthy. Get in touch with us to take the next step on your hearing journey.


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You value your social life and enjoy connecting with others.

We can see that staying social is important to you. Research shows that untreated hearing loss can cause people to withdraw from activities and worsen depression, anxiety, and memory loss – all of which can affect your social life. Stay part of the conversation by getting your hearing tested regularly and acting on hearing changes. We’ll help you find the right hearing solution so that you can stay connected.


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Technology is an important part of your life.

From what we can tell, you rely on different devices in your everyday life. Our game-changing hearing aids can wirelessly stream sound from your phone, tablet, computer, and TV directly to your ears. Visit us to learn more about our types of hearing aids.


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Your hearing is important. Remember to get it tested regularly.

It’s very common for our hearing ability to change over time, so it’s important to have it routinely checked just as you would your teeth or eyes. Contact your local Audika clinic to learn more.


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