Hear how Lisa's life has changed with new hearing aids.

Meet Lisa, a 43 year old teacher from Surrey who has suffered with hearing loss for most of her life. Listen below to find out how she has gone back to school with new, subtle hearing aids that have already improved her life.

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Back to school with new hearing aids

Lisa Cronin is aged 43 and a maths teacher from Guildford, Surrey.  She is married to Dan with a 5 year old daughter called, Sophie. 

Lisa suffered from Tinnitus, a loud ringing in her ears, when she was 29 and went to see her GP, who referred her to an ENT consultant. Test results confirmed that Lisa had a high frequency hearing loss possibly caused from meningitis as a child.  She was advised that hearing aids probably wouldn’t help, and so she accepted that and managed as best she could. 

When Sophie was born, 10 years later, Lisa became more aware of the challenges associated with her hearing loss. She had trouble hearing high frequency sounds and couldn’t make out what her daughter was saying to help her talk properly.  It got so bad that she spoke to her health visitor because she thought her daughter’s speech wasn’t developing as it should, but it was her hearing loss.  At this point, Lisa’s husband prompted her to get her hearing sorted and that’s when Lisa found Hidden Hearing.


Lisa visited her local Guildford branch and was relieved to finally find a solution that meant she could finally hear the way she was meant to.

With the Oticon Opn S™ hearing aids she feels more relaxed and less tired, she doesn't struggle to hear her daughter anymore and she has a renewed confidence with her job as a maths' teacher.

She feels more professional and engaged in the classroom, no longer having to ask her students or fellow teachers to repeat themselves.  

She feels sharper without having to second guess what’s been said, and she feels that her school and home life have been switched on!

If you know someone with a hearing loss who you think would benefit from hearing aids like Lisa, nominate them now to receive a free private hearing aid system.

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Do you know someone who would benefit from hearing aids just like Lisa?

In partnership with Campaign For Better Hearing, Hidden Hearing are giving away a pair of top of the range hearing aids to one lucky winner. All you need to do is nominate yourself or someone you know who you think would benefit from brand new hearing aids.

You or your nomination will need to attend a free hearing test to check the level of your hearing loss and the winner will be announced on Friday October 25th.

To find out more about the Campaign for Better Hearing visit the website