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Already wear hearing aids?

If you already have hearing aids but still want to improve your hearing, book a hearing test and speak to an expert.

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Want to improve your hearing but already wear hearing aids?

If you already wear a hearing aid but are looking to upgrade or you are not happy with your current aids then Hidden Hearing can help.

If you are an existing customer or someone new to Hidden Hearing, and you find your current hearing aids are not performing in the way that you would like, you can book a free appointment with one of our friendly Audiologists who will thoroughly test your hearing and assess if you would benefit from a more advanced hearing solution.

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There are lots of reasons you may want to consider an upgrade. Your hearing changes over time so it is advised to have yearly hearing check-ups to see if there are any changes in your hearing health.

 Below are some of the main reasons you should consider upgrading:

1. Technology 

Technology has developed dramatically over the years.

The latest digital hearing aids are far more discreet than older style analog ones and can be more comfortable. Some are also invisible to they eye when worn! 

Analog hearing aids amplify sounds but digital aids process sound waves and work with your brain to deliver a sound that is custom to your needs.


2. Increased hearing loss

Even with a hearing aid, we recommend having an annual hearing test to monitor the level of loss you have.

Each hearing aid has a different life span but no matter what aid you have, you should be having your hearing tested every twelve months. Different hearing aids will be suited for different levels of hearing loss so it is important to monitor your hearing to make sure you are still benefiting from your aid.


3. Changes in lifestyle

Whether you are working or not, lifestyle changes can affect how you hear.

Changes in your living situation or work life can put extra demands on your hearing. Hearing aids are fitted to your lifestyle, so if there has been a change make sure you speak to an expert to see if you are using the best aids for your needs.


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