Despite what people might think, a hearing test is just like any other medical check-up. That makes it very similar to seeing your regular doctor, dentist or optician.


Before The Test

Firstly, we’ll start with a few questions. We’ll ask about your work, including jobs you’ve had in the past, then discuss your hobbies, interests and general leisure time. After that, we’ll find out more about your medical history, and especially any problems with your hearing - past or present. This first step is much more than a simple ‘fact finding’ exercise. It’s a chance to get to know you - so if your hearing needs a boost, we can work together and find a solution that suits the way you live.

During The Test

We’ll start by checking your ears. We’ll look inside the ear canal with the help of an Otoscope. Then check the eardrums and outer ears for signs of damage or infection. Next, we’ll test your hearing. Wearing headphones, you’ll hear different sounds, played in one ear or the other.  We’ll ask you to push a button each time you hear a sound, so we can see how well you hear at different levels and pitches. After that, we’ll repeat the test - but this time, using a headband. Some hearing aids work by passing sound through vibrations in the skull, so we’ll run this test to see exactly what your options are.

When The Test is Over

We’ll discuss your results straight away. If we detect some hearing loss, we’ll explain the causes and consequences, so you’ll know how it could affect you in different situations. We’ll also let you know if your type of condition can be improved by wearing a digital hearing aid. Assuming we can help you, we’ll explain the full range of choices, from tiny earpieces to hidden devices tucked away in spectacle frames. Each type of aid has its virtues, so we’ll consider your diagnosis - along with your work and hobbies - to help you make the right choice.

Fitting Your Hearing Aid

If you choose an inner-ear device, we’ll have it custom-made by taking a mould of your ear canal on the day of your test. The mould is made with liquid silicon, which we’ll gently introduce to the ear. It’s completely painless and only takes about five minutes to complete. Similarly, if you choose a device that fits behind the ear, we’ll tailor it to match the colour of your hair or skin. Within a fortnight, your hearing aid should be customised and ready. Then in less than an hour, we’ll fit it and programme it to suit your prescription. We’ll also show you how it works and how to adjust the settings...so you can hear with confidence in all types of environment.

Our Commitment to You

Most people notice a rapid improvement from a new hearing aid, however, it might take you a while to adjust. We will see you shortly after the primary fitting to check the settings and carry out some fine-tuning.

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