Hearing loss is the result of any number of natural or incidental factors that can cause varying degrees of hearing impairment. As a result, the condition can go relatively unnoticed by most; a slow deterioration in the ability to hear clearly.

At Hidden Hearing we provide readily available information on prevention and treatment for hearing impairment, with free hearing tests and no obligation consultations, product customisation and aftercare services, with experienced Hearing Aid Dispensers.

  • How long is the trial period for hearing aids purchased from Hidden Hearing?

    As part of our promise to our customers, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our hearing aids purchased from Hidden Hearing.

  • Do you have the capacity to repair broken hearing aids?

    We work very closely with manufacturers to repair hearing aids. If your hearing had has broken, we recommend either sending the hearing aid to your local hearing centre or contacting us to send out packaging to return the hearing aid in.

  • What is the cost for hearing aids that you never have to adjust?

    All hearing aids require some adjusting in their lifetime, to ensure that they are correct for your hearing loss and lifestyle. To find the right hearing device to suit your personal needs, visit your local branch and speak to one of our hearing aid dispensers, who will be happy to help you.

  • How can I get replacement domes for each of my two hearing aids?

    Although we have a large selection of hearing accessories available for purchase in our online shop, unfortunately we are currently unable to include hearing aid domes and speakers to the product listing. These can be purchased from your local Hidden Hearing centre.