Keep your hearing loss a secret!

Subtlety has many benefits

It has nothing to do with ‘confidence levels’, some people simply do not want to show-off their hearing aids. That’s why Hidden Hearing makes devices that fit imperceptibly but securely within the ear canal; they are known as ‘IIC’, or ‘Invisible In the Canal’.

  • Nobody can see the hearing aid
  • Natural sound reception is improved
  • Phone use is much easier
  • Tailor-fit for your maximum comfort

How do they fit?

We tailor-make each hearing aid to match the contours of your inner ear. Thus, they are comfortable, non-irritating and allow you to get on with your life.

Are they removable?

Despite a secure fit, they can be removed readily. Changing the batteries is even simpler. There is some water resistance, should you dive into the sea, or a swimming-pool, but is advisable to remove them first.

How ‘natural’ is the sound?

While it might seem a miracle, the tiny IIC devices that are smaller than a fingernail provide a very true reproduction of sounds, making it easier for the wearer to differentiate between different noises and sources.

How 'invisible' are they?

While hair cover will render them invisible, due to ear canal positioning, if a neutral colour is chosen, they will be almost impossible to spot. Your privacy is secure.

Which makes are the best?

Hidden Hearing works closely with Starkey and Oticon. Both offer advanced hearing technology at remarkable levels. Oticon is renowned for its developments in the Brain Hearing arena, introducing factors that include and improve cognitive functioning as well as reducing fatigue. In both cases, they create sound reproduction that needs to be heard. Starkey Soundlens will even allow hearing aid adjustment through a mobile telephone.

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