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Oticon Opn™

The world’s first internet connected hearing aid, the Oticon Opn™, can communicate with a range of connected device.

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The benefits of Oticon Opn

The Oticon Opn has 30% better speech understanding to previous hearing aid products
Better speech understanding*
*compared to the Oticon Alta2 Pro
Less listening effort*
*compared to the Oticon Alta2 Pro
More of your conversations remembered**
** Individual benefit may vary depending on instrument prescriptions
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Ultra-fast sound processing – Breakthrough technology – 60-day money-back guarantee
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The world’s first internet connected hearing aid

Open up to a world of endless connectivity possibilities

The Oticon Opn™ hearing aid uses built-in, low power Bluetooth® technology to connect to your smartphone or tablet.

As well as being compatible with the Oticon ON app, your hearing aid and device can connect you with a world of technology within the If This Then That (IFTTT) network.

Whether you want your emails read to you, notifications from your home security system or alerts when your hearing aid battery is running low, your connected Oticon Opn™ and smart device can keep you in the loop.

So why wait? Open up your world to endless possibilities.

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The Revolutionary BrainHearing™

Oticon Opn™ is built to better support how the brain processes sound, especially in noisier environments. This is guided by Oticon’s BrainHearing™ technology.

This means you can have to the full soundscape around you but without being detracting from the most important noises, such as speech.

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