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Oticon More™

The world's first hearing aid that helps support the brain's natural way of organising and capturing sounds.

Oticon More's groundbreaking technology can help you hear every detail, understand and remember more, and all with less effort.

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Introducing Oticon More™

Your brain plays the most important part in your hearing process. The Oticon More gives you full access to your surroundings and supports your brain so you can connect with the sounds that matter most to you.

Many hearing aids focus only on speech, muting relevant sounds. Oticon More can give you the most natural hearing experience yet, providing you with more detail of the sounds around you.

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    If you have hearing loss, your brain doesn't receive enough sound information to work optimally. Speech and surrounding sounds become distorted.

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    The new Oticon More hearing aids give you access to all sounds in a clear and balanced way, which supports your natural hearing system and your brain's health.

You could have a better everyday life

Improving your hearing is just one benefit of the Oticon More. It has other features that can make your life easier:

  • Remote care

    You can connect with a hearing care professional via the app on your smartphone for convenient online hearing after care. Hearing aid adjustments can be made remotely and in the comfort of your own home.

  • Rechargeable technology

    You don’t need to worry about batteries, just drop your hearing aids into the charger before bed and they’ll be fully charged for use the next day. If you do get caught out, a quick 30-min charge will give you six hours’ use.

    (Lithium-ion battery performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle, and streaming behaviour.)

  • Bluetooth connectivity

    Stream music, TV or a telephone directly to your hearing aids with the help of other Oticon accessories.

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What makes the Oticon More ‘revolutionary’?

It features new Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology. This lets you hear all the sounds around you and supports your brain in hearing them, so you get the most natural hearing experience. 

This new technology has been trained with 12 million sounds, so it recognises how a sound should be interpreted. 

Ole Asboe Jørgensen, Oticon President says:

"It is essential to give your brain as much sound information as possible in order to hear properly.

Hearing aids should, put simply, help you to hear all you need, and comfortably.

You can be cut off from other conversations around you. By helping the brain to process sound in the most natural way, we will help reduce problems associated with untreated hearing loss.”


How can I get it?

Contact your local clinic and book an appointment to discuss the latest hearing aid technology with your hearing care expert.


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