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Oticon Ria

The Oticon Ria is available in a variety of colours and styles including inside the ear (ITE), behind the ear (BTE) and receiver in the ear (RITE) models.  New to the Ria family is also the designRITE (a smaller and sleeker model to its bigger brother the RITE) and the invisible in the canal model which as the name suggests, is invisible when worn, thanks to it sitting deeper in the ear canal than other traditional in the ear models.

Hearing aids have literally transformed in the past few years. The ‘big beige bananas’ of yester year really are a thing of the past. Hearing aids such as the Ria, are small, discreet, sleek and streamlined. More importantly they are incredibly comfortable to wear, and we are often told how our customers would forget they were wearing them if it wasn’t for the clear and crisp sound quality they produce!

Oticon Ria – your hearing, your way

Suffering from hearing loss, you will probably agree that listening is actually rather hard work! This is due to the brain having to piece together parts of words which are missed. In age related hearing loss, these are commonly the higher frequency sounds.

With Ria, not only will it ‘fill in the gaps’ in sounds or words that you’re not fully receiving, but you can actually choose how you prefer to hear them. Hearing is an incredibly unique preference, and if you were asked how you would prefer to hear sounds, apart from being clearer, what would you say? If you chose the Oticon Ria, on fitting you will be asked this question by your hearing aid dispenser. They will play you a selection of sounds, each in slightly different ways and you will have the choice to choose your preference. This helps to truly provide a tailor made hearing solution for you.


Reduced listening effort

Thanks to Ria’s powerful Inium chip processor, the number of sounds it can process is immense. Older hearing aid technology only had the capability on focussing on a few important sounds whilst supressing the others you don’t want to hear. Ria can focus on a large number of sounds (whilst still supressing the ones you do not want to hear), and it is this that ensures a more focussed listening experience.

How does this benefit me?

The more sounds you receive that are passed on to the brain, means your brain is receiving the fuller picture. And the more information your brain receives means the less effort it has to use to do what it needs to do to understand the sound. The result is a reduced listening effort, allowing you to enjoy experiences first hand, without worrying about your hearing.

Staying connected

Hearing loss leads to difficulties interpreting sounds in a number of different environments, and not just in everyday conversation. Ria hearing aids can truly transform enjoyment and benefit the whole family thanks to it’s connectivity features. ConnectLine by Oticon allows you to seamlessly sync your hearing aids to a wide selection of entertainment and lifestyle devices such as mobile phones, home televisions and more. For example with ConnectLine, you wirelessly stream sound, via a Streamer Pro, from your television directly into your hearing aids, allowing everyone to listen to the TV at a comfortable volume.

If you are interested to see if the Oticon Ria is a possible solution for you, simply book an appointment at your local hearing centre. Please note, the hearing aid dispenser will not be able to comment on suitability without first conducting a no obligation comprehensive hearing test. Book your appointment today.

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