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Oticon Opn

World's first internet connected hearing aid


“The Then”

Tunnel Hearing.

Even with the latest technological advances, there are still limitations to what hearing aids can do. One such limitation is the ability to hear clearly and comfortably in very busy and loud environments such as a restaurant, family gathering or party.

When you’re in a busy listening environment, current hearing aid technology focuses on the main speech in front of you whilst suppressing and closing down other background noises – this is called directionality.

Closing down the sounds.

By not having access to a full soundscape, your brain has to work harder. Focusing on one sound source means that your brain is receiving less information and has to work harder to recognise sounds. This means you may have to concentrate harder to follow and engage in conversation.

This under-stimulation can put pressure on the brain, making it work harder to naturally focus attention. This may make social situations difficult as you grow tired more easily.

“The Shift”

Oticon has changed the way we think about hearing aids with the introduction of Oticon Opn – with help from the OpenSound Navigator™. With a wealth of new technology, your hearing is in good hands. 

The Velox™ Platform

Oticon Opn changes the landscape of hearing aid devices by introducing the ground-breaking Velox platform.

The Velox platform is a built-for-purpose microchip that processes sounds 50 times faster than ever before*. With the help of the Velox platform, Oticon Opn is fast enough to support your brain so that you can make sense of sound more easily – making it easier for your brain.

The Velox Platform also has the potential to improve speech understanding** enabling you to take more away from each conversation.

*compared to Oticon Inium Sense.

** May vary depending on prescription.

“The Now”

The old vs. the new.

While more traditional hearing aid technology focusses on one speaker and supresses all other sounds, Oticon Opn, with the Velox platform allows you to open up your soundscape so you can remain attentive to the conversation and environment around you.

The sound processing speed of the Velox platform means that your brain can be stimulated by the conversations and sounds around you. Being able to hear the sounds around you means you can localise sounds quicker and enjoy a fuller, more natural listening experience.

The OpenSound Navigator™ - Analyse | Balance | Noise Removal

With the power of Oticon Opn and the Velox platform at its core, the technology can offer ultra-fast sound processing that can provide the hearing aid users to access the sounds all around them.

In addition, the OpenSound Navigator by Oticon scans the environment 100 times per second with a 360⁰ radius which means you can take into account sounds from all around you – not just in front of you.

This allows for a precise and fast analysis of surround speech and sound sources. What’s more, the OpenSound Navigator also determines their characteristics – whether it’s speech, background noise and their importance to the context you’re in.

This gives you the full sound picture that is available to you – with perfect balance.

Rather than suppressing all sounds, Oticon Opn, with the OpenSound Navigator, rebalances sounds to help you differentiate between sound sources and speech. Best of all? Oticon Opn can be programmed to suit your personal requirements.

Spatial Sound™ LX

Two ears are better than one. With Oticon Opn, the Spatial Sound LX helps to transfer sound data from one hearing aid to the other meaning you get a fuller sound experience faster – keeping you in the know about the location of sounds.

The Revolutionary BrainHearing™

Oticon Opn is built to better support how the brain processes sound, especially in noisier environments. This is guided by Oticon’s BrainHearing technology.

That means you can have a full soundscape available to you without being distracted from the most important noises around you, such as speech.

The World’s First Internet Connect Hearing Aid

Open up to a world of endless connectivity possibilities

The Oticon Opn hearing aid uses built-in, low power Bluetooth technology to connect to your smart phone or tablet.

With the addition of using the Oticon ON app, your hearing aid and device can connect you with a world of technology within the If This Then That (IFTTT) network.

Whether you want your emails read to you, notifications from your home security system or alerts when your hearing aid battery is running low, the connected Oticon Opn & smart device can keep you in the loop.

So why wait? Open up your world to endless possibilities.

Features of Oticon Opn | A Summary

  • Internet Connectivity – using the If This Then That network to connect to other internet connected devices – a world first in hearing aid technology.
  • Open Soundscape with OpenSound Navigator.
  • The closest thing to natural hearing thanks to the ultra-fast sound processing with the Velox platform.
  • Spatial Sound LX for help locating sounds.
  • Breakthrough technology.

Don’t be out of the loop again.

When you’re using Oticon Opn, there’s less pressure on the brain. What does that mean?

  • 30% better speech understanding*
  • 20% less listening effort*
  • 20% more of your conversations remembered**

*Compared to Alta 2 Pro
** Individual benefit may vary depending on prescription

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