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Hidden Hearing Banstead

Eye Care Opticians
20 High Street
Banstead Surrey SM7 2LJ
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Hidden Hearing Banstead

Rather helpfully, Hidden Hearing in Banstead is located alongside Eye Care Opticians, almost in the centre of the village. Our team ensures that you receive a warm and open welcome. It is our pleasure to provide you with professional advice and to carry out any tests that can determine the condition of your hearing.

Hidden Hearing provide free, no obligation hearing tests. If you require hearing devices, you are not obliged to have them fitted by us. Yet, as a specialist, we can assess your hearing needs and provide you with the most technologically advanced hearing aid technology. Among our best-in-the-world suppliers are Oticon, Bernafon and Starkey. Some devices are so small, you will hardly notice them fitted and all of them are covered by a lifetime aftercare service that gives you complete peace of mind.

Whether at work, or at play, hearing impairment can prove very unsettling. It is our duty to assure you of the best service and the best equipment. If you wish for an appointment, call us and we can arrange it for you.

We are open Monday, fortnightly 09.30 - 13.30.