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Hidden Hearing Kilsyth

McLachlan Opticians
27 Main Street
Kilsyth Stirlingshire G65 0AH
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Hidden Hearing Kilsyth

Our friendly team in Kilsyth are ready to welcome you to our mini Hearing Centre.

Your local Hearing Aid Audiologist can provide you with a free hearing assessment. The assessment takes approximately one hour to complete and you'll get the results straight away.

After the assessment, your Audiologist will explain the results to you and, if they think you would benefit from using hearing aids, will recommend the best device for you. If they don't believe you would benefit from using hearing aids, they won't recommend them or provide you with any - that's our commitment to you.

So whether you're in the area and have concerns about your hearing, a question about your hearing health or you're interested in the latest technology on offer, don't hesitate in booking a FREE, no obligation hearing test today! Book your free hearing test or call us today!

We are open Thursday, monthly 09.00 - 16.00.