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Hidden Hearing Falkirk

Ascent Physio
81 - 83 Mary Street
Falkirk Stirlingshire FK2 9PR
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Hidden Hearing Falkirk

Restore confidence in your hearing, and get to the bottom of any niggling worries. Visit us at Hidden Hearing Falkirk and our friendly team will be pleased to take you through a comprehensive hearing assessment, free of charge. A painless procedure, it involves checking both inside and outside of your ears, and then running a series of tests to establish the quality of the sound you hear.

Utilising the latest in cutting-edge digital technology, our hearing aids are sourced from leading suppliers. We also have available different types of hearing protection for people who work in noisy environments such as builders, and various other useful accessories suitable for the hard of hearing. At Hidden Hearing, we place a premium on great customer service, so you can expect reliable, impartial advice on what kind of solution is best for your needs.

It couldn't be easier to make an appointment. Book your free hearing test or call us today! We are open Fridays, fortnightly. 

We are open Friday, fortnightly 13.15 - 17.00.