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Hidden Hearing Swanscombe

Swanscombe Health Centre
Southfleet Road
Swanscombe Kent DA10 0BF

Hidden Hearing Swanscombe

Did you know, just as you would your teeth and your eyes, you should get your hearing tested every year, especially as you get older? That's why Hidden Hearing recommend everyone over the age of 55 takes a free, no obligation hearing test with us to make sure your hearing is looked after.

A hearing test with Hidden Hearing typically lasts for one hour and you'll receive your results straight away.

Our qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist will then be able to tell you if you have a hearing loss and if you could benefit from using hearing aids. If your Audiologist believes you would benefit from using a hearing solution, they will recommend devices that would suit you. If no hearing loss is detected, your Audiologist won't recommend any solutions, that's our simple commitment to you.

If you're in the Swanscombe area and in need of a hearing test, have questions about your hearing or you're interested in knowing more about the latest hearing aid technology, book your free hearing test or call us today and see if you could benefit from clearer hearing.