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Hidden Hearing Eastney

Eastney Health Centre
Highland Road
Eastney Hampshire PO4 9HU

Hidden Hearing Eastney

The friendly team at our Eastney satellite centre is on hand to provide a comprehensive range of hearing services, designed to help you enjoy a better quality of life. Our Hearing Aid Dispenser will conduct a thorough hearing test and answer any questions and queries you might have.

A hearing test in Eastney will last around an hour and at the end of the appointment you will have a clearer understanding of your hearing threshold.

So if you are in Eastney and need a hearing aid repair, replaced or serviced, or you just want to take advantage of our complimentary (and thorough) hearing test, book your free hearing test or call us today and let our welcoming team take care of you.

We are open Tuesday, fortnightly 13.00 - 17.00.