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Hidden Hearing Blackheath Village

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13 Montpelier Vale
Blackheath Village Greater London SE3 0TA
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Hidden Hearing Blackheath Village

A loss of hearing, no matter how minor, can often result in a lack of confidence and leave sufferers feeling isolated and unable to join in with conversations and normal everyday experiences. Hidden Hearing Blackheath Village aims to change the way we deal with hearing loss by offering free hearing tests and expert advice. Book your free hearing test or call us today!

If you'd prefer to speak to a hearing aid dispenser directly then why not visit our Blackheath store, as we've also got a wide range of literature, devices and hearing aid accessories to enable you to make an informed decision as to the best course of action for your hearing and budget. And if you'd like more information with regards to ear protectors, hearing aid demonstrations and our five-star lifetime aftercare service, then come and talk to us.

From musicians and nightclub workers to builders or office workers, none of us know when we may suffer a loss of hearing, but if we do, the best advice is always to get your ears checked out by a professional.