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Hidden Hearing Halstead

Billson Opticians
82 High Street
Halstead Essex CO9 2JG

Hidden Hearing Halstead

In the Halstead area and need a hearing test or your hearing aids serviced? Our welcoming team in Halstead will be happy to help you.

Based near Braintree and Colchester in the north of Essex, our Halstead mini hearing centre is a perfect place to get your hearing health checked.

You may get your eyes and teeth checked regularly, often in yearly check-up appointments. When was the last time you had your hearing checked? At Hidden Hearing, we advise everyone over 55 takes a hearing test every year, or more often if necessary, as part of a full health care routine.

Taking a hearing test couldn't be easier and only takes an hour from starting the test to receiving the results.

If you're in the Halstead area and need a hearing test or are experiencing any problems with your hearing aids, book your free hearing test or call us today and our team will be happy to help.