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Hidden Hearing Dumfries

Best Western Station Hotel
49 Lovers Walk
Dumfries Dumfriesshire DG1 1LT
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Hidden Hearing Dumfries

Welcome to Hidden Hearing Dumfries, your first and best port of call for advice you can trust on any issues you may have with your hearing. As one of the UK's leading providers of hearing healthcare, we have nearly 50 years' experience and knowledge that we can bring to help with your problems. Why not book your free hearing test or call us today?

Experts recommend an annual hearing test, just as you might visit a dentist or optician, to keep track of any changes in your hearing and make the necessary adjustments so you can continue to enjoy the lifestyle you want. If you need to have a hearing aid fitted, these are now very small devices, discreet and comfortable, and we have an excellent range of high-performance models for you to choose from.

We also stock a range of preventative hearing loss equipment such as ear protectors for people who work in loud environments such as the building trade or the music industry. Don't let hearing loss affect your way of life - contact us today.

We are open every Thursday, call now to book an appointment.