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Hidden Hearing Penrith

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Hidden Hearing Penrith

Have you noticed that your hearing is starting to get worse? Do you struggle to catch what people around you are saying? Do you often miss hearing the phone or the doorbell ring? Book an appointment today with Hidden Hearing Penrith for a comprehensive, free of charge hearing assessment, and you could be surprised at what a difference we can make.

A hearing test is a painless procedure, beginning with a conversation about you, your lifestyle and interests, and the forms your hearing loss takes. We'll examine your ears, inside and out, and use headphones to check how well you hear sounds at different pitches. It's a completely painless procedure, and if you'd like to bring someone with you for company, you're very welcome to do so. If you need to have a hearing aid fitted, we have many devices available that are discreet, comfortable and effective, and they all come with a lifetime aftercare promise that makes them even more affordable.

Book your free hearing test or call us today! And if you're unable to make it into the branch, we can also organise home-visits. The road to better hearing starts today.

We are open two Thursdays every month, 09.00 - 17.00.