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Hidden Hearing Penzance

St Claire Medical Centre
St Claire Street
Penzance Cornwall TR18 3DX

Hidden Hearing Penzance

Contact the friendly team at Hidden Hearing, Penzance for advice and support with hearing loss, to take one of our free hearing tests, or to view the outstanding selection of hearing aids and related accessories we feature in-store.

With nearly 50 years' experience in hearing healthcare, we understand when your hearing begins to fail it can be difficult to admit to a problem. Many people will continue to carry on as long as possible before seeking help, but in many cases an effective and affordable options are available. Often it could be as straightforward as removing a build-up of wax within the ear canals, or wearing a hearing aid. Today's devices can be very discreet, not to mention powerful. You may be surprised at the change it can make to your hearing.

If you'd like to take a test to try and get to the bottom of your hearing issues, we offer a comprehensive, free annual check-up, and if you go on to buy a hearing aid from us then every device comes with a superb lifetime aftercare service for your peace of mind. Book your free hearing test or call us today, and let's work together to get your hearing back on track.

Appointments with Hidden Hearing, Penzance are within the Mounts Bay Surgery in Sainsburys on Eastern Green. 

We are open Thursday, fortnightly 13.00 - 17.00.