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Hidden Hearing Sawston

Billson Opticians
66 High Street
Sawston Cambridgeshire CB22 3BG
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Hidden Hearing Sawston

In the Sawston area and having trouble with your hearing? We're here at Billson Opticians to provide free hearing tests.

Did you know that hearing loss has been associated with other health conditions, including dementia, stroke, heart disease and diabetes? Getting your hearing tested sooner rather than later could be the first step in better hearing health, as well as your general health and wellbeing.

Those who have sought help for hearing loss and opted to use hearing aids are often more likely to report that they have better feelings about themselves, greater independence and improved mental health as well as better relationships with their families.

We are open Wednesday, fortnightly 09.00 - 13.00

Don't delay getting your hearing tested and feeling the benefit of clearer hearing. Book your free hearing test or call us today and discover the clarity of hearing with Hidden Hearing.