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What happens during your hearing check?

As a Hidden Hearing customer, you understand the importance of getting the most from your hearing. We recommend that we see you for your hearing check bi-annually, especially if you are over 55 to make sure that you don’t miss out on getting the most from your hearing device.

At every check-up, we’ll also carry out a totally free ‘5-Star’ service on your hearing device, to make sure it’s working the way you need it to.

Why a service appointment is important

Hearing devices are sophisticated pieces of equipment and what sometimes people think is their hearing getting worse, is often the device needing a good service.

Our 5-star service makes sure everything with your device is working correctly. Additionally, we will check your hearing to make sure that nothing has changed.

A FREE 5-Star service checks:

Wax – We use special tools and cleaning materials to deal with the difficult wax that builds up over time. This could cause greater damage if not removed.

Volume control – This is the part of the device that gets handled the most, so needs regular testing for wear and tear. Damage can result in loss of incoming sounds.

Microphone – To hear the very best with your hearing device, the receiver and microphone have to be free from obstructions.

Battery – The battery compartment will be checked for adjustments, and the contacts cleaned to ensure it’s operating correctly.

Clarity – We test your hearing device to make sure that the sound quality it’s giving you is as clear as possible.
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Introducing Oticon More™

The world's first hearing aid that helps support the brain's natural way of organising and capturing sounds.

Oticon More's groundbreaking technology can help you hear every detail, understand and remember more, and all with less effort.

Your brain plays the most important part in your hearing process. The Oticon More gives you full access to your surroundings and supports your brain so you can connect with the sounds that matter most to you.

Many hearing aids focus only on speech, muting relevant sounds. Oticon More can give you the most natural hearing experience yet, providing you with more detail of the sounds around you.

Ole Asboe Jørgensen, Oticon President says:

"It is essential to give your brain as much sound information as possible in order to hear properly.

Hearing aids should, put simply, help you to hear all you need, and comfortably.

You can be cut off from other conversations around you. By helping the brain to process sound in the most natural way, we will help reduce problems associated with untreated hearing loss.”

To test Oticon More in your nearest hearing centre or to find out more, call 0800 037 3535.


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