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Chelsea Pensioner, Colin Thackery aged 89, stole the nations’ heart when he recently won Britain’s Got Talent TV show. He wowed the judges and audience as he sang, ‘Wind beneath my Wings’, a tribute to his late wife Joan.  

Colin’s love of music and the joy his singing brings to people has opened many doors. He’s the oldest person in the world to sign a debut solo album deal and is about to embark on a concert tour of the UK. These achievements wouldn’t be possible without staying fit and healthy, looking after himself and his hearing.  

Colin lives at the Royal Chelsea Hospital, enjoys being active, entertaining people and sharing magic moments with friends and family. His hearing was damaged in the Korean war and started to decline further with age. Recognising early on the importance of his hearing, Colin embraced wearing hearing aids and has woken up to the benefits of staying on top of his hearing. He is now experiencing how the latest hearing technology can enhance his life further.  

Colin says, “Being able to hear better initially was good, however, I wore the same hearing aids for 17 years. I wasn’t getting my hearing tested annually as I should have done.  So even though I was wearing aids, I wasn’t getting the full benefit of them as my hearing was deteriorating and I wasn’t keeping on top of it.”

Colin really noticed his hearing difficulties on the live semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent, he adds, “I struggled to hear what Ant and Dec were saying. So, following the show, I visited Hidden Hearing for a test and was fitted with a new pair of hearing aids, Oticon Opn S. That’s when I noticed a huge difference – everything was so clear with my new hearing aids!”

Now Colin doesn’t miss a thing, he says, “The best thing about my new hearing aids is they link directly to my phone using Bluetooth technology. Now I can play music and receive calls directly through my hearing aids. They help me stay in touch and I can appreciate listening to music even more – the technology really is amazing!”

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What to expect during a hearing test


1. Otoscopy

An inspection of your ear canal.
Firstly, we'll inspect your ear with an Otoscope. This allows the Audiologist to inspect the eardrum and the middle of the ear to see if there is anything obvious that would cause a problem with your hearing.


2. Baseline Hearing Test

Tests different pitches and tones.
A baseline hearing test is your initial test that will form the comparison for later tests to measure if your hearing has worsened.


3. Speech and Understanding

How well you understand conversations.
Here, you will learn at what level of sound you can no longer understand speech very well and this test determines what level of hearing loss you have.


4. Familiar Voice Test

Bring a loved one with you.
Your own hearing loss can effect your loved ones too, so we believe it is important to check your understanding of the voices most important to you.

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