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Alex struggled to hear his students and found meetings a challenge until he found the right hearing solution.

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"Meetings at school are much easier to follow!"


Alex has a wife and 2 children and is Head of Design Technology at a school in South London.  His teaching career spans 25 years and can be found in a workshop, classroom or IT suite most days of the school year.  

Alex keeps fit and cycles up to 20 miles each day to school on busy London streets, navigating the increasing traffic on the roads.  

Around 4 years ago Alex had an infection from a cold that spread to his ear. After an appointment with his GP, he was referred to a specialist who confirmed that the nerve endings in his ear were damaged and was told that the hearing loss would be permanent.

Since losing hearing in his left ear, Alex has struggle to hear his family and students and started to feel unsafe on his daily commute as he became aware of ‘blind spots’ created by his hearing loss. He found it hard listening to students with the background noise of the workshop or trying to hear them over the sound of machines.  

At home his wife and children often had to shout when in another room and meeting friends in the pub was difficult as he would simply zone out of conversations.

Coping with background noise was one of the hardest things to deal with whether in a restaurant or bar.  Meetings at school had started to become challenging, as he would need to position himself, so he had his ‘good’ ear in the facing the right way.  


"I’m safer on my bike too as I can hear the traffic!”

However, it was in the classroom workshop when the machines were being operated that was the worst and the growing concern that he might miss the changing sound of a fault on a machine.  This is what made him realise that he really needed to do something about it.  

Alex had originally been prescribed an aid on the NHS that ended up in a draw.  He admits, " I found the NHS hearing aid uncomfortable to wear and I couldn’t get on with it, finding life harder with it than without! So, I gave up using it after a week - That was about two years ago."

It was the nagging concern about missing something important at home, school or on the streets that Alex went to see Mark the Hidden Hearing audiologist in Croydon.  He’d heard about new the hearing aid technology and wanted to see for himself if this was the solution for him.  

Alex was fitted with the Oticon Opn S, it has transformed his personal and work life, so much so that he has never looked back.

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