The ultimate
over 45's bucket
list revealed

Hidden Hearing polled over
2,000 over 45's in the UK to
reveal the ultimate bucket list.

What's on the nations bucket-list?

Hidden Hearing recently polled over 2,000 over 45 year olds in the UK to discover what the ultimate bucket list included. The results are in and it is clear that our sense of adventure does not diminish with age! Infact, at the top of the bucket list were; the romantic notion of getting married, the hedonistic thrill of visiting a nudist beach, and camping out at a muddy music festival.

Age it seems is not a barrier to adventure, with most of the mid-lifers polled believing it is important to live life to its fullest. Brits aged 45-65 currently have nine goals left to fulfil within the next 10 years, whereas those aged 65+ have five remaining activities to tick off…so what’s yours?

Below are the results from the poll. We are interested to hear if you think there are any experiences that have been missed out! To join the conversation head over to our Facebook or Instagram page.

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A shocking 63% of people who took part in the survey feared problems with their mental health, such as experiencing dementia and forgetting memories was one of their biggest barriers to living life to the full.

See below the next 25 adventures that top the list:


As a nation, we don’t want to be defined by age. Over 45 year olds still have a huge zest for life but there is a fear that as we get older, our mental health will affect us achieving our goals.

We need to educate ourselves and others on what we can do to live life to the full. There is a suggestion that hearing loss is a risk factor for dementia. Keeping the brain active is important to reduce cognitive decline so making sure we can hear as well as possible goes a long way to keeping us connected and switched on with what goes on around us.




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