International Women’s Day
8 March 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Dave Cutten, Hidden Hearing

International Women’s Day is an annual event, but the day’s theme is celebrated throughout the year. This year’s message is ‘Choose to Challenge’, urging us all to choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements in the hope that we can all help create a more inclusive world.

We’re focussing on the achievements of Sandra Pierce. She had suffered with hearing loss for years, but she chose to do something about it.

No one wants to admit there might be a problem with their hearing. But Sandra finally decided to act and has never looked back.

In July 2019, Sandra Pierce shared her story about how her new hearing aids had changed her life. We caught up with her to find out how her life continues to go from strength to strength since she acted on her hearing loss…

Before getting hearing aids, Sandra was struggling with a lack of confidence. Certain situations were making her anxious and she would avoid some social situations, all because of hearing loss. “It was very isolating”, she said, but receiving hearing aids had helped advance her career, “I got my new hearing aids fitted in April [2019]. I became a manager in July and that is because I can communicate properly now.”

And her career continues to flourish today: “I'm now an executive leader with Tropic; another promotion last June [2020] was an incredible feeling. The team continues to grow.”

Speaking about the impact of the pandemic, she says, “Like for most of the nation, Zoom and FaceTime have been lifesavers. I'm able to reach out and speak to my team, who are dotted all over the country, easier.”

Although this wasn’t always the case: “A few years ago, I remember with my old NHS aids I was asked to join my first Zoom call. I was completely panic stricken, worrying that I'd make a fool of myself and not being able to hear.”

Embracing the impact that better hearing has had on her life, Sandra invested in the latest Oticon aids just before Christmas. She’s noticed they give more clarity compared to her previous aids, “especially when out walking, you can tell how they amplify a person’s voice against the background traffic.”  

Sandra’s also enjoying the technology: “I love the fact that I can link my iPad or mobile. My new aids have completely changed my world for sure.”

Sandra faced up to her own hearing loss challenges and, by inspiring others to do the same, is creating a more inclusive world, perfectly encapsulating the ‘Choose to Challenge’ theme this International Women’s Day. 


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