5 Pancake toppings to help your hearing health

Reading Time: 5 minutes
Today is a special day of the year, known across the country as Pancake Day! We love pancakes and as a hearing healthcare provider we wanted to share our top 5 toppings that can help your hearing.

But before we get into toppings we thought you might also like to know an ingredient you can use in your pancake batter that is good for your hearing too. Almonds contain Zinc which can boost the body’s immune system and help ward off infections that can affect your ear. Therefore using Almond flour is not only good for your health but your ears too.

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in Zinc, which can help prevent hearing loss by preserving your inner ears function. You don’t have to only use this as a topping, why not whip up a batch of red velvet pancakes using dark chocolate to really indulge this Pancake Day.

2. Bananas

A single banana can contain 358mg of Potassium which can regulate the fluid in your inner ear. In addition to Potassium they can have 27mg of Magnesium, it is believed that Magnesium can act as a barrier to hair cells in the inner ear when loud noises were emitted. Lack of Magnesium has also been shown to shrink the blood vessels in the inner ear, causing oxygen deprivation. Why not put some bananas on your pancake today to help keep your inner ear healthy.

3. Oranges

These can include 181mg of Potassium and like bananas include 10mg of Magnesium. This zesty topping is a great ingredient that too can benefit your inner ear like a banana can.

4. Yoghurt

100gm of yoghurt can include 141mg of Potassium. Although, yoghurt may not be a great topping to have on your pancake alone, why not combine some of the toppings mentioned above to make your hearing truly benefit from these ingredients this Pancake Day.

5. Lemon

We have saved the best till last. This classic topping on pancakes is much loved around the country. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C a folate, folates help ensure that the cochlea (the part of your inner ear where sound is converted to signals that get sent to your brain) is nourished with a healthy blood flow. Lemon and sugar may be one of the nation's favourite topping to have on a pancake but it may also be your ears favorite topping.

With all these toppings that can help keep your ears healthy there is no question about it, Pancake Day may be your ears favourite day of the year!

If you are suffering from hearing loss why not book your FREE hearing test today.