Jenny's Lockdown Story

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The pandemic isn’t going away. Social distancing, face masks, self-isolation have all become household words and we’ve all been coping as best we can.

If you’ve been living with an undiagnosed hearing loss, life might have been that little bit harder.

We’ve been talking to some of our customers about their experience and how fortunate they feel that by wearing hearing aids they were able to adapt and stay connected.

Here's Jenny Reeves from Faversham's story.

How's life in lockdown been?
"Meetings were suddenly moved online, and I had to quickly start to use some additional features on my hearing aids and link my aids up with the computers and get to grips with using those new video systems. 

I became a community mutual aider at the beginning of the pandemic to support people in my community who felt they couldn’t or shouldn’t leave their homes, this meant using PPE including face masks. You can imagine how much communication proved difficult in that situation, but I managed.

I did notice earlier on in the lockdown how much wildlife I could hear, it was always so quiet outside and you could really hear all the sounds that without my hearing aids I would have otherwise missed."

How did you stay connected with your family?
"Using my connect clip with my hearing aids was fantastic, it helped me stay connected. I was able to take part in phone calls and this meant we could also try various applications to do mass video calls for quizzes and games. Sometimes we would just chat a lot, which is nice as I have spent a lot of time talking with my cousin in Canada."

How have you managed with wearing facemasks?
"The only thing I noticed and am still noticing that wearing hearing aids, glasses and a face mask means a lot of things behind your ears! Luckily I’m handy enough and have sourced some thin round elastic that will make life a bit more comfortable."

Did you struggle with maintaining your hearing aids?
"I had a couple of issues, for example I ran out of wax filters. But a quick ring to Hidden Hearing and some were sent out to me completely free which was utterly amazing. I did have my card ready to pay but was told that none was required."

All clinics remain open
With National lockdowns impacting England and Wales, and local lockdowns in place in Scotland, we wanted to let you know that as an essential healthcare provider, all Hidden Hearing clinics will remain open, in all towns. We have full health and safety measures in place, to protect our customers and staff from the threat of COVID-19, whilst at the same time helping you with all of your hearing health needs. So if you need an appointment or have one booked, we look forward to seeing you. If however you are choosing to stay at home, we can still visit you there.


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