Face masks and hearing aids

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Recent government guidance found here, says that people should wear suitable face coverings in enclosed public spaces, on public transport and in some shops. However, some of our customers have told us that they’re struggling to wear a mask or face covering with their hearing aid; in fact we’ve had several customers telling us that their hearing aid keeps getting knocked out, especially when donning the mask or removing it. Unfortunately, some of our customers have even lost their hearing aids due to complications with taking off a face mask. 

So, with this in mind we’ve put together our top tips for how to wear and remove a face mask or covering whilst wearing your hearing aids.              

Top tips from our hearing care experts:

1. Use a mask that ties around head, not elastic around the ears if possible

2. Use a mask extender if possible

3. Make sure that the rubber band is out the outside of the aids – so: head/aids/mask rubber band/ear (from inside to out)

4. If you have long hair, tie your hair back 

5. Remove glasses before putting mask on 

6. Remove glasses upwards instead of forwards, slowly and whilst standing still (above mentioned tips are to be applied even more carefully)

7. Shield from wind/rain before removing masks 

8. When you take a mask or face covering off, take it off in a secure area, whilst standing or sitting still. E.g. in car, inside your home, in a quiet corner of a building where you can check the floor if it falls down.

9. Remove one side of the mask at a time, as opposed to both sides at once

10. Never yank the mask off, instead carefully hold the hearing aid with one hand whilst removing the mask with the other, or take your hearing aids out first, then remove the mask/

11. Never rush, but take your time when removing your mask or face covering to make sure your hearing aids are left in place

12. Make sure nothing else is in your hands when putting on or removing your mask. This will free up both hand for the task

13. If possible, you could ask family/friends that are close by to help or monitor the motion of removing the mask, making sure your hearing aids are in sight

14. Focus only on task at hand, instead of e.g. talking on the phone or packing shopping into the car

15. Take a second before leaving the location to check if your hearing aids are still in your ears

16. Check if your hearing aids got tangled up in masks before disposing of them or putting them into the wash (for reusable masks).

We hope you’ve found these tips useful, and they help you manage wearing a face mask or covering whilst wearing your hearing aids. If you’ve got any helpful hints or tips of you own, then we’d love to hear them – please share your ideas with us in the comments below.