Coronavirus FAQs

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I have sent my Hearing Aids off to get repaired, when will I get them back?

It’s very difficult to put a time-frame on getting any hearing aids back if they have been sent away for repair. There are several locations within the UK and within Europe where a hearing aid can be sent to for repair depending on the manufacturer.

We have a dedicated team at Hidden Hearing who are chasing each hearing aid that is currently stuck in transit and we will do our best to keep you updated. Please contact the customer service team if you have any concerns – 01622 775191

My hearing aid has stopped working, what do I do?

Hearing aids can stop working for simple reasons, for example there could be a build-up of wax in the filter which needs to be cleaned. We encourage everyone to watch this video to see if you can resolve the issues with your aid/s yourself before contacting us

How to change a wax filter 

If the hearing aid is still not working as it should you should call the Repairs line:

0800 731 4825

Normally repairs take up to two weeks but unfortunately, due to current circumstances it’s likely to take up to 4 weeks. We can only apologise for this and keep you updated as best we can.

I’ve received my hearing aids back after being repaired, what do I do now?

Go ahead and use them. All hearing aids that have been returned have been pre-programmed by a hearing care professional and are ready to use again.

I sent off two hearing aids to be repaired and have only received one back

The likelihood is that the hearing aids have been dispatched separately and will be returned to you asap.

Are you still open and accepting orders?

All our clinics are closed until further government guidelines are announced, and no new orders can be placed at this time. We do have teams available via phone to deal with the following:

Repairs: 0800 731 4825
Battery orders: 0800 634 6792
Customer Service-related queries: 01622 775191

I’m expecting a new hearing aid to be fitted, can I still get my new hearing aid?

Unfortunately, we cannot fit new hearing aids due to our branches being temporarily closed. As soon as the government deem it safe to reduce the social distancing measures, we will re-open branches and arrange a fitting appointment with you.

All new hearing aids need to be fitted with a hearing care expert so that the aids can be programmed to your individual needs.

My hearing aids need to be adjusted

Unfortunately, we cannot adjust hearing aids, as we need to do this in branch and all of our branches are temporarily closed. 

Where can I get new hearing aid batteries

You can call our hearing aid battery order line, and we will be able to identify the batteries you need. We will send them to you free of charge.
Battery order line: 0800 634 6792