What does Easter and Hearing have in common?

What do Easter and hearing have in common? You wouldn't think these two would be said in the same sentence but these have more in common than you think.

Easter is just around the corner and we thought that it would be interesting to single out the things that Easter and hearing have in common, here are our top three. 

Easter Bunnies

When it comes to the Easter Holiday many people think of Easter Bunnies. Since bunnies are normally small animals and vulnerable in dangerous environments, they were designed with big floppy ears. These incredibly long ears are not there just make to make them look good, but they provide them with amazing hearing ability. They can hear sounds that are almost two miles away. 

Baby Chicks

Did you know that baby chicks can hear the outside noises while still inside their egg? Like humans talking to their babies in the womb, ducks and chickens speak to their eggs. This is so that when they eventually hatch they will recognize their parents’ voices. While age related hearing loss seems inevitable for us humans, chickens have a remarkable ability to regrow damaged hearing cells. They get to enjoy their favourite sounds for their entire lifetime.


With Easter, the main thing that comes to mind is of course chocolate. Our ears love chocolate, this is because chocolate contains zinc and magnesium which help protect ears from age related hearing loss and noise induced hearing loss. Chocolate also boosts the immune system to keep infections away.

Now that you are thinking about hearing and Easter, pay attention to what you are missing! Are suffering from hearing loss? Is the conversation with your family over the dinner table at Easter difficult to follow? In case you missed it check out our previous blog about tips to help your hearing at the dinner table. 

Or if this didn't help and you thought you were getting HAM for dinner and was served with SPAM you might just want to get your hearing checked. Book your FREE hearing test now.

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