Miss England nearly missed her crowning due to her hearing – Never again, thanks to her new hearing aids!

Having to ask people to repeat things is one of the most common signs of hearing loss, although many won’t face this situation in front of a live audience.

Alisha had been experiencing problems with her hearing since she was 15, it would come and go with things being muffled from time to time.   She would struggle in a crowded environment or a public place with the background noise, finding it difficult to hold a conversation.  She would need people to be in front of her, to pick up what they were saying or ask people to repeat things.   

She had tried to get help with her hearing without much success.  It’s quite unusual for someone so young to experience hearing loss, premature hearing loss can be hereditary or can be caused by an incident at a young age, such as a knock to the head.   In Alisha’s case it’s believed to be hereditary. 

Winning the title, Alisha took on more responsibilities such as charity work, judging regional finals and doing TV interviews.   She started to dread being asked questions, especially live on air.
Alisha was coping, but it was always at the back of her mind that she might not hear someone and that made her panic a bit.  She was also concerned about the prospect of her hearing getting worse and the impact it would have on her confidence.  Alongside her Miss England duties Alisha is studying at Teeside University for a degree in Forensic Crime Scene Investigation.  

Thankfully she decided to visit Hidden Hearing in Newcastle for a full hearing consultation with Audiologist, Garrie Keam.  It was here that she finally got the help and advice she needed.  

Alisha was fitted with a pair of Oticon Opn S hearing aids. These hearing aids, include wireless technology, break the limits of what has previously been possible with hearing aid technology.  She’s already noticing a considerable difference in her hearing now, and it’s like switching life back on again for the current Miss England!"

For more information about Oticon Opn S visit this page.