Dr Hilary’s top tips for Tinnitus sufferers In support of Tinnitus Awareness Week


Tinnitus is a constant ringing or buzzing in the ears that can vary from a mild annoyance to being unbearable and has affected 1 in 10 adults. In some circumstances, it can also disrupt concentration and sleep patterns. While there is no cure for tinnitus, there are many therapies that can provide some relief. 

Here are Dr Hilary's 4 Methods of Relief

1. Relieve stress of it by focusing on something else, e.g. meditation

2. Sound relief – playing sounds can dull the intensity of tinnitus and help you manage it more effectively

3. Talking about it and being part of a support group can help by sharing – this is a popular coping strategy

4. Often, tinnitus can be caused by hearing loss. There are hearing aids today which have comprehensive tinnitus management systems built which can be highly effective for some people

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