5 Sounds of Spring


When was the last time you heard the sounds of Spring? Today is the first day of Spring and we want to celebrate this by naming our favorite 5 Sounds of Spring. If you haven’t heard the beautiful sounds of nature due to a hearing loss then we encourage you to book a FREE hearing test. Hear Spring again.       

1. Birds Singing – An early morning ‘dawn chorus’ of birds singing, their songs are often louder and livelier this time of year. This is mostly made up of male birds attempting to attract mates and warn other males away from their territories.  



2. A Tinkling Stream – The calming sound of water tinkling through the streams surely is a peaceful sound you do not want to miss.



3. Wind Rustling in the Trees – The winds of Spring can be strong but the sound of it flowing through the leaves and branches of trees make a peaceful cadence that epitomizes the sound of nature in Springtime.



4. April Showers – Although April is known for the beginning of Spring it is also famous for April Showers. The weather might not be so pleasant but the sounds of rain ‘pitta patta’ on the leaves, in puddles and on roofs is a calming sound that if you couldn’t hear, you would miss it.



5. Bees Buzzing – With the arrival of Spring comes the sound of buzzing Bees, going from flower to flower collecting their much needed pollen and nectar. The sounds of a busy Bee at work surely is one that you wouldn’t want to forget.



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Book your FREE hearing test today and get ready to hear Spring again.