11 Unforgettably Satisfying Sounds on Earth

Today is Earth Day and to celebrate we are naming 11 unforgettably satisfying sounds to hear on Earth. 

With the summer fast approaching, some might say that the sound of ice cream vans or the crashing waves at the beach is one of the best sounds to hear. With hearing loss if you can't hear a sound then could forget it, so here is our list of sounds that you don’t want to forget.

1. A Crackling Fire

Hearing this sound could remind you of your childhood sitting around a campfire hanging your marshmallow on a stick over the fire. The crackling of the flames is a sound that is satisfying and yet comforting and one not to forget

2. Rain at night

Hearing the calming sound of rain ‘pitta patta’ on the leaves, in puddles and on roofs is a sound that can send you to sleep and if you couldn’t hear it, you would miss it.

3. The *Ding* On A Plane When You Land

This sound is usually followed by a round of applause from the passengers after landing. Hearing this sound is welcomed by passengers as they are notified that they can remove their seat belts. If you couldn't hear it would you miss it?

4. When Your Joke Lands and Everyone Laughs

Everyone loves a joke but that feeling of satisfaction when hearing your joke make everyone laugh is a feeling of such happiness. Would you get this incredible feeling if you couldn't hear the chorus of laughs?

5. Footprints In The Snow

Snow isn’t always welcomed as it can cause problems with journeys and can disrupt transport causing delays. But hearing that crunching sound of your footsteps on an untouched patch of snow is so satisfying that it is up there on our list.

6. A Horse On A Pebble Road

Hearing the ‘click’ and ‘clack’ of a horses hoof on a pebble road is a sound that reminds us of our country's heritage which surely shouldn't be forgotten.

7. Bubble Warp

Popping bubble wrap is known for being an addictive activity because of the sensation you get from popping the bubbles and hearing the sound that comes with it. Would this be as enjoyable if you couldn’t hear the popping sound as you squeezed on each bubble? 

8. A Purring Kitten

The unique sound of a purring kitten is something that is so special to experience, its the confirmation that the tiny kitten is happy and enjoying the attention it is receiving. Not hearing the purr of a kitten could affect your experience giving them affection.

9. A Child's Laughter

A child’s laugh is different from the next, but it is a sound that is unmissable. Not hearing your grandchild's laugh is something no grandparent will want.

10. Crashing Waves

A sound that is not only calming but is associated with summer holidays on the beach. Would you miss hearing the sounds that remind you of happy summer holidays?

11. A Thunderstorm

Although thunderstorms can be quite scary to young ones, the clashing sounds from the clouds is an incredible sound that shouldn't be forgotten.

When was the last time you heard these sounds? If you are suffering from hearing loss book your FREE hearing test now! What did you think of our list? Was there any sounds we missed, comment your favorite sounds below.