Hidden Hearing giving back this Christmas


Picture above- Winners’ Gallery:  some of the people who have been awarded free hearing devices as part of Hidden Hearing’s Campaign for Better Hearing Giveback Campaign. To see more winners, click here


In recognition of the cognitive decline associated with even mild hearing loss, Hidden Hearing is donating £3 for every hearing test undertaken in December to their charity of choice, Alzheimer’s Research UK, one of the UK’s leading Alzheimer’s research charities

“We would encourage everyone over the age of 55 to get their hearing tested regularly,” says Hidden Hearing’s audiologistFarah Kiani. “As well as simply being able to enjoy life to the full, maintaining good hearing is one of the ways that people can help themselves in reducing their personal risk of developing dementia.”

Already this year, Hidden Hearing’s audiologists have carried out over 105,000 hearing tests, free of charge, and as part of the Campaign for Better Hearing, has awarded hearing devices to individuals nominated for the Give Back initiative.  Over 34 lucky recipients have already received new hearing aids, with a value of over £180,000 over the course of 2018.  “This has been one of our most rewarding initiatives,” says Claire Foster, Marketing Director of Hidden Hearing.  “Listening to the customers when they have been fitted with their new devices is really heart-warming.  To hear how Jeff was able to hear his new born baby for the first time and to learn that Mr Lishman had been able to join his local ukulele band again, has been really motivating for our hearing centres up and down the country.”

Dr Hilary Jones, TV doctor and health broadcaster supports the campaign and knows how important hearing is, especially at times like Christmas when the family gets together.  “Not being able to hear properly can be extremely isolating,” he says.  “Making sure you are able to take part fully in family situations can literally be as simple as going to get your hearing tested – hearing is intrinsically linked to so many areas of life, and our health. Latest research shows that by ignoring a potential hearing problem, we not only risk missing out on life’s important moments, we also increase the risk of dementia, diabetes and depression. It’s important to take early action and a regular hearing check is key to ensure good hearing health.”

“Protecting hearing can only be a good thing”, says Dr Laura Phipps from Alzheimer’s Research UK. “The link between hearing loss and dementia is a new area of focus as we search for ways of protecting the memories that make up our Magic Moments. Just as dementia research aims to help people stay connected to their world, so can looking after your hearing.”

Hidden Hearing will donate £3 to Alzheimer's Research UK for every hearing test given during the month of December. 

For more information on hearing loss or to book a free hearing test near you, click here.